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As my of you may know already, Whoop has been taking the sports world by storm, specifically the PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour. Every player, caddie and essential personnel have been equipped with one of these straps, especially since the unfortunate virus of COVID-19 has effectively changed the world that we live in. Do you know the complete back story on how Whoop came to be? Here is your chance to learn about the in's and out's of the functionality of the band, and the back story of the creator of this brand.


Information care of Whoop

Will Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of WHOOP, which has developed next generation wearable technology for optimizing human performance. WHOOP today works with everyone from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts to executives. Ahmed has raised $200 million from top investors and has an active advisory board that consists of some of the world’s most notable cardiologists, technologists, and designers. He wrote “The Feedback Tool: Measuring Fitness, Intensity, and Recovery,” which sparked the underlying physiology and engineering for his work today. Ahmed was named a 2011 Harvard College Scholar for finishing in the top 10% of his class and a CSA Scholar Athlete; he captained the Harvard Men’s Varsity Squash Team. He was also recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 and Boston Business Journal 40 Under 40.



Now let’s try to understand the simplicity of their mission statement “ UNLOCK HUMAN PERFORMANCE“. That right there should be the reason why any athlete should want to give this band a try. Having worn one myself I can understand the companies motivation and drive to want to make you unlock your own best performance, taking multiple factors into consideration. The Whoop strap 3.0 is the latest generation and it focuses on the main components, sleep, recovery and strain, by balancing those three aspects Whoop claims that you will be able to train and recover at your body’s true potential.



To get a better idea of the sleep tracking lets break it down, on any given day your body goes through different amounts of stress, Whoop can essentially determine how many hours of sleep you will need to perform at your most optimal levels the next day. This band tracks time in bed, disturbances, efficiency, respiratory rate and latency. Continually compiling data throughout the day, your daily recommended period of rest may vary. If you have a more stressful or strained filled day it might suggest a higher amount of rest than the previous.



To explain how the Whoop measures your DAILY STRAIN is simple, the band monitors your heart rate 24/7 and it provides insight on how difficult your training and overall day is to "better understand the exertion put on your body". Whoop uses a "proprietary scale of 0 to 21" taking all things into consideration including exercise, work, anxiety, running, errands and more factors.

0-9 is classified as light strain

10-13 is classified as moderate strain

14-17 is classified as high strain

18-21 is classified as overreaching



The recovery aspect of the Whoop takes multiple aspects into consideration such as heart rate variability, resting heart rate and sleep performance.

Green reminds you that your body is well recovered and you are ready to perform.

Yellow is letting you know you are maintaining your bodies health and you can still handle a moderate strenuous day.

Red is indicating that your body is working hard to recover. You may be training hard, getting sick or perhaps really stressed out, its essentially letting you know that you need a rest day.


Would I suggest to try Whoop out? I would it could potentially if used correctly and taking into the consideration of the monthly membership fee, it is worth the price. One other benefit of this product is that you can wear it while you charge it as the charging device itself is portable as well as a little bulky. You are able to change out the straps as well, Whoop has multiple different color and design options to make you stand out. Please feel free to check out the whoops website www.whoop.com.

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