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UST MAMIYA ProForce V2 Review

What matters most to you about your golf game? How your clubs looks? How the shafts looks? Performance? Performance first and foremost should be at the top of your list. This is where shaft fitting is essential. I would be lying to you if I said looks do not matter, in fact that was the initial reason I gained interest in this shaft particularly. With a new look design of a highly visible yellow, white and red colour combination it instantly sets itself apart.

This is where the UST Mamiya ProForce V2 shafts have come in and made a big difference for performance. This shaft is not new by any means but UST did give these shafts a bit of a face lift in 2018 and you seem to see them often now, some may remember what others considered the "bumble bee shaft" look. Now with a much improved look that is very aesthetically pleasing, along side of improved performance, integration was key as they introduced Recoil technology as well.The specs of the UST Mamiya ProForce V2 available in both hybrid and wood shafts are listed below.

Being a person who plays a bit of a different set up with having a 3 wood (Callaway Big Bertha) and a 3 hybrid (Taylormade RBZ) both set at different lofts and played in much different ways these UST ProForce shafts give me the ball flight and most importantly feel that I want in those clubs. With a stiff tip it does provide the golfer more spin control at impact.

The 3 wood is playing at 16 degrees at a draw bias and sporting the 5F4 Stiff Flex 57 gram, medium launch shaft. Personally having issues with hitting a high ball typically this shaft has helped lower that ball flight that I desperately needed. Typical landing distance of this 3 wood is 233 yards, swing speed 105MPH and launching at 13 degrees with a spin rate around 3500. This shaft has given faith back in my game when it comes to going for that par five in two rather than laying up.

The 3 hybrid is playing at 19 degrees in a neutral bias, playing the stiff flex, 86 gram in a medium-high ball flight. There is a reason why I have carried this RBZ hybrid in the golf bag religiously since this club came out back in 2012, with its offering of a high and penetrating ball flight, playing the OEM stiff flex shaft. I have gotten more out of that club than any other golf club I have ever had. With the addition of the ProForce V2 shaft this is not leaving the bag anytime soon.

Those numbers by no means are a PGA tour caliber but they have single handedly improved my overall 3 wood and has given me the confidence to hit it. This shaft is not for everyone, what I would recommend is to go to your local golf shop and get fitted for what works best for you. I happen to like a softer feeling tip on the 3 wood and 3 hybrid. If a selling point is performance, playability and looks than the V2 should be on your list of shafts to try.


Performace B+

Looks A-

Price B-

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