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When you are talking about UST Mamiya, you might have two thoughts that come to mind, at least I do. The Proforce V2 and now the Lin-Q Purple. I first laid eyes on this particular shaft on social media like many others and if anything could have sold me on looks all by itself it was that shaft. That particular color of purple when it hits the sunlight gives off such an amazing look that you know it has to be good. The Lin-Q Purple shaft is meant for a golfer that is looking for a medium ball flight and medium spin.

Specs of the build for test

Driver head: Cobra RAD SPEED 9.5 degree

Playing Length: 45"

Shaft: LIN-Q Purple 6F4 S 67G


I think its pretty obvious with this statement that feel is absolutely the most important aspect of a golf shaft of any sort, along with performance. Now some of you might prefer a much stiffer feeling shaft such as the X-Stiff LIN-Q Purple 7F5, for the swing speed that I am currently swinging at which is around the 110mph mark I am playing the 6F4. I truly never go at a driver 100% (personally I do not recommend it either), the LIN-Q shaft does that work for you. with the Q-Fiber Technology that has the ability to store and release the energy that you gather up during your swing to release upon impact. One thing you can count on in this shaft is STABILITY.


Statistically speaking this is the most complete shaft for my swing and swing speed that I have come across in the last 5 years. Having typically only using the OEM shaft options that have come with whatever Driver I have had in the past. My average distance off the tee this year has improved by 7 yards over last year, last year on average I was carrying 252 yards off the tee this year in a small sample size it has been on average 259 yards. Taking into consideration that I have made a change in drivers for the season which might also be a playing factor in the performance side of things, with that being said this shaft has single handedly given me the confidence I very clearly needed.


Have you ever heard of the band Deep Purple? The second I laid eyes on the LIN-Q for the first time that is what I thought, I know I'm basically repeating myself here but what can I say I'm in love. Besides the obvious fact that purple and yellow go so well together there is almost a "candy" paint aspect to this shaft....something happens to it when it hits the sunlight and it just pops. The LIN-Q Gunmetal shaft has a very similar aspect to it. When its combined with the right grip and club head such as in my case I do not think that you would be able to replicate the beautiful look it provides.

Final Thoughts

If you solely based your purchase of this shaft off looks all by itself I would not fault you in the slightest. With the amazing color set to the side truly you NEED TO GET FITTED for the correct shaft that is correct not only for the performance and feel aspect but confidence. I happened to luck out with this UST MAMIYA LIN-Q Purple shaft that it it ticks every box that I have been looking for in a driver shaft and I am feeling more confident on the tee box than I have in a very long time.

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