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True Linkswear True OG Premium

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” No truer words have been spoken about the game that we all love, some would call an addiction, and spend countless hours on Saturday’s with the boys. We walk around looking for our game, golf ball, and on some level, soul.

This approach has been taken very seriously by the crew at TRUE Linkswear. They have been delivering minimalistic products to their customers since 2009 and don’t appear to be slowing down with their OG Premium line. When they started, Josh and Ryan Moore (you’ve seen these shoes on his feet since day one) had been searching for a shoe that was made with quality materials without being overbuilt, provides all day comfort on and off the course, and being from the Pacific NW;they needed to be worn year round.

The TRUE OG Premium is available in three spike-less colorways, all of them with supple vintage full grain leather-covers a sock liner that ensures comfort, breath-ability, and should stand up to the 2-year waterproof guarantee. You must-look closer for the details in this shoe, as with all TRUEs, but once you do, it will be hard to accept a subpar cleat.

They are minimalist and what a gentleman would wear to the course and to dinner. TRUE prides themselves on a quality product with "selfish innovation," meaning everyone that works there would wear their products, and it shows at every angle of this shoe. I can only imagine walking through their office and seeing all the lines on the feet of the employees. The TRUE OF looks like it belongs on the feet of the VP that wants to play a quick nine after work before hitting a dinner date without being late. Looks 9.0/10.

Their natural width toe box lets you take these from the bag that they are shipped in directly to the course. You can feel all the aspects of the ground and different terrains which will help most golfers in their approach to the game. If you do have a high arch, you might want to do a range session first to see if you would need a separate insole. Comfort 9.0/10.

These work for most people, but if you have a narrow foot, you might have some slippage while really going after a shot. You would most likely need to have the shoe tied a little looser or if you are just getting to the course and running to the tee box. Their spike-less cleat system on the OG Premium keeps you surprisingly locked in when going after one, I was quickly surprised by their traction and that’s usually a big deal when you’re a bigger golfer swinging hard. Playability 8.9/10.

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Scott C. Haynes

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