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The golf apparel industry is rapidly growing, you are seeing an increasingly larger amount of "small business" clothing lines coming out all over the world. At some point over the last few years it has reached out and grabbed the attention of many Canadian entrepreneurs. This one brand, company, clothing line, call it what you want but Stony Wilds is making a name for themselves not only here in Canada, but all over the golfing world. With ambassadors playing on different professional golf platforms this brand is surely one to keep an eye on in the near future.

We spoke to President & Founder of Stony Wilds, Daniel Terrill. Wanting to know more about the brand and what its like to run a golf clothing line, especially up here in Canada.

What does Stony Wilds mean to you?

Stony Wilds represents everything that I have been searching for in a golf apparel brand - the embodiment of a Canadian Golfer or the Canadian Golf Experience. Stony’ is an old golf term and ‘Wilds’ is fitting because my father has always called me a ‘Wildman’. Wilds’ not only has a literal meaning for our brand but it also has sentimental meaning for me. The name Stony Wilds represents the contrast between the classic civil game of golf and the rugged untamed wilderness. Fusing these two ideas together is the DNA of Stony Wilds".

How did it all begin?

“I love the game of golf and couldn’t find a premium brand that represents Canada and the diverse landscape we golf in. I connected with my long term friend Matthew Kaustinen who loved the idea of creating something for Canada. That’s when Stony Wilds was created. Our vision is to showcase the Canadian wilderness and the powerful places that connect us to nature. Refined golf apparel that speaks to the power of the North. For me, SW was created out of necessity and the demand for something unique in the golf industry".

What sets Stony Wilds apart from others?

"First and foremost, our quality. It is very important at SW we maintain a level of quality around our garments. Fabric, stitching and designs are never compromised as we always want to stay true to our mission. We are offering high end garments at a competitive price. I believe SW is very relatable to people who enjoy golfing just as much as they do being adventurous in the outdoors".

Has there been any difficulties sourcing materials?

"Everything we do at Stony Wilds is from the ground up, we create the designs, source the fabrics and refine the fit and finish. It's a long process but we feel this is important to stand out in a competitive market. It may take months before the final product is approved for production".

What does it mean being a small business owner in Canada?

I have always wanted to start my own business and be an entrepreneur in Canada. I have met and connected with so many great people and business owners that are passionate about the game of golf and its quite inspiring. I am grateful to be apart of this supportive community.

Do you have any brand ambassador's or sponsored athletes?

Currently, we sponsor three professional golfers.

Evan DeGrazia - PGA Mackenzie Tour

Ryan Snouffer - PGA Mackenzie Tour

Chris Wiatr - PGA Latin America Tour

What does Stony Wilds have in the plans for the 2021 golf season?

2021 is already proving to be a busy year for SW and I am excited to see where it takes us. We will be launching new polos, hats and outerwear throughout the season. You can find us in select locations across Canada and we hope to keep expanding further as we continue to grow our business. The support has been amazing and I can’t wait to continue this journey.

The next time you are in your local golf shop or looking for new brands to try, Stony Wilds stands out. Not only in quality but in value in the products, big bonus for us Canadians is that you are paying for the product in CAD. That for some can make or break a sale when your including shipping fees.

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