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Updated: May 20, 2020

The Puma Ignite Hi-top SE golf shoe was released a few years ago now, but we here at Golf Kicks understand that not every golfer out there has had a chance to try out every new shoe that comes out right away. As per Cobra Golf "this tour-proven cleat is designed to perform." These were also a limited release shoe.


Now this shoe might not be for all in the looks department, as most PUMA shoes in general have a "European" look to them, admittedly at first we were not a fan of the "narrow" look when you first put them on and are looking down on them. If you look at them from the side profile (picture above) you get a different perspective for how they look, while we would prefer to see the "glossy" look go away and would like to see a "matte" look instead one really should not hate they way these shoes look. Last but not least let's not forget the strap at the top of the shoe,not only does it give this shoe the one of a kind look it deserves. It also effectively locks your foot in place and provides that extra security of ankle support. We give this shoe a 7.7/10 on the grading scale, could have been designed better, but they fixed that with their new and improved version the IGNITE PWRADAPT HI-TOP


Lets get passed the looks if you are not a fan, from a straight up foot security perspective you most likely will not find a pair of golf shoes that will keep your feet locked in like these do. Whether is the lacing system that really cannot get anymore simple, you can easily tighten the shoe the way you would like. Now the Velcro buckle system on the top of the shoe, once your tighten that strap you will in fact have the most secured ankle support you could ask for in a shoe. The downside of these shoes, and in our opinion the biggest downfall, is inside of the shoe does tend to rub and cause an annoyance on the heel and top of the foot, and do not plan on walking through the rough as grass will get in and eventually make you take the shoe off to clean out all the grass and burs, a simple fix for this thought could just be wearing longer socks, but that's the point of wearing a hi-top from a fashion perspective. Overall we give this shoe the score of 6.9/10 for its comfort.


The most important part of a golf shoe is the play-ability of it, no matter what climate or temperature you are in. Where this shoe does not lack at all is in the performance of the spikes and overall cleat system on the base. With 9 spikes on the bottom, covering every last part of your foot that needs to be touching the ground, you will have no worries whatsoever that your base is solid and firm. If you are a walker when you are golfing these are the shoes for you, if you are like most and cart while golfing, then these should also be the shoes for you. Performance wise this shoe offers you everything you need. Overall we give this shoe the score of 8.9/10.

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