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The Nike Roshe G Tour Shoe review

This is the very first Nike Golf shoe review that has taken place for me here, now I have played golf in multiple Nike shoes before but have never provided a review for them. The Roshe G Tour golf shoe might be the most interesting shoe to date. This golf shoe features a waterproof upper and removable spikes, soft synthetic leather upper for long lasting comfort.



Top to bottom the looks for this Nike Roshe G Tour shoe is a combination of a classic looking shoe and the trending smooth edging and black on black colour way looks really crisp. Normally I do not like the look of solid colour on a shoe but this particular colour way has just enough white on the base of the shoe that makes it look like a two tone shoe. From top to bottom of this shoe it is just a clean and very impressive look, taking all things into consideration I would give this shoe a 8.8/10 in the looks department.




Is it possible to have a golf shoe that on one side of the coin be completely forgettable and on the other possibly be the most comfortable golf shoe you have ever worn? This might just be the case with this shoe. When you first put this shoe on and take your first few steps you might be thinking to yourself that these shoes will take sometime to break in and have an almost “box” type feeing. When you have had these Nike Roshe G Tour for a few minutes it’s almost like these shoes mold to your foot and those first moments of discomfort you had when you put them on have disappeared. They give you a feeing that you have been wearing them for a few rounds and are so comfortable that you might actually forget that they are a brand new shoe. So when I say that these might be the most forgettable shoes, I mean this in the most absolutely positive way possible. Walking or riding for 18 holes of golf these shoes are absolutely the perfect shoe, giving the shoe a perfect 10 would be wrong but it will be getting the best grade provided yet, this shoe has EARNED a final grade in comfort of a 9.8/10.




Never worry about having your feet slip out from underneath, if you are looking for a golf shoe that provides stability (providing that you do not have a wide foot) these golf shoes provide a snug fit with not being overly tight and uncomfortable. Alongside of the spiking system on the base of these shoes Nike has also added extra “Rails” in between that help with minimizing the movement of your foot when you need it the most. Ever get yourself into trouble in the bunkers, no problem, just wiggle your feet from side to side and you will dig right in and have that solid base your swing will need. Now on occasion I personally have issues on the greens with leaving spike marks behind when walking or just standing in place, and that drives me nuts but I also know I’m not the only golfer that has that happen as you can probably testify yourself. You will leave spike marks on the greens walking in these shoes just like any other spiked golf shoe, this realistically is the only negative about this shoe. As a final marking grade for playability this shoe will get a 8.7/10, not many shoes will get any higher.

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