• Cory Mydan

Taylormade Sim2 Review

It goes without saying that Taylormade year after year produces one of the top drivers in the golf industry. This test / review of the Taylormade Sim2 driver was constructed with the following specs.

Sim2 driver

8 degree loft

Fujikura Ventus Black Velocore 6

X flex

0.5” soft tipping

0.5” length short

Golfpride MCC red/black +1 wrap logo up

D3 swingweight

65 gram

I have a high ball flight and this combination is amazing. The Ventus shaft offers a low spin low launch combination that suits me.

The Taylormade Sim2 head looks even better this year, and if you love the matte finish with carbon look this is the driver for you.

This years model took the screws off the face and moved it to the toe, allowing for more surface contact on the face . The shape and look of the driver looks great, the face is very hot off contact mostly forgiving . When contact is made center of the face which mostly should happen it offers a smooth pure feel to the club.

Removing the track weight from the sole takes a fair amount of weight off the driver and allows for a slightly higher club head speed. Adding a single weight just behind the heel of the driver makes up for the trackweight. Along with the addition of the Aluminum forged ring strengthening the back half of the club head.

Looking at the driver at address, the smooth matte carbon finish with chalk white strip allows the driver to be very appealing to the human eye and combining the blue accents of the top and bottom.

It is safe to say they did a phenomenal job designing the new Taylormade Sim2 driver and it should be considered as a top contender if you are looking for a new driver to put in your bag.

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