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Sub70 639 CB Iron Review

Have you ever paid for a set of irons completely sight unseen? You didn’t hear about them until about a month or so prior to your purchase. I fall into this category, with Sub 70 Golf a direct to consumer golf club manufacturer with endless build setups you can find yourself in. In my case I ended up with a lot of help from Jim who runs Sub 70 Golf Canada, from beginning to end of the process he was there every step of the way, I ended up a combination set of the 639 CB & 699 Pro irons. This review will be about the 639 CB Forged Irons, these irons are targeted as most cavity back irons are to the mid to low handicap golfer. If you are in the market for some top quality golf clubs and are on a bit of a budget these guys might be just what you are looking for. Priced to compete with larger named brands out there these irons can compete in every sense of the word.


Let's talk about the look at address, possibly the make or break point when it comes to the looks department when making a purchase. The 639 CB irons offer a minimum amount of offset, from the 7 iron all the way down to the PW (such as in my set) you will have zero worries of that "chunky" sole look that you might find in other brands such as Callaway some Taylormade as well as Ping just to mention a few. The back of the club head offers a very unique design that comes from a custom milling process. The design of the 639 CB lineup is simple, you get the look of a players iron and the forgiveness that a forged iron gives you.

OEM SPECS 639 CB Forged Irons


Having made the move from a Mizuno 900 Forged Iron, I had a pretty good idea of what I should be expecting from the 639 CB irons once I had them on a course over a few rounds. There is of course the typical feelings that you should be looking for right away once you hit the irons, buttery soft when you hit the center of the club face, that is where these irons flourish. Catch the ball a couple of grooves to high or two low you miss out on the sweet spot and you do get punished for your miss hits. Off center hits along with shots coming off the toe or heel you do feel the difference substantially as you will in multiple other makes from all different brands. My one gripe I do have with these irons is that I do find them almost too punishing on those mishits in particular when comparing the performance to my other set of irons. There might also be a couple of variables involved in that as well so if you go into this with an open mind you will be just fine. While on the subject one thing I will most likely be doing is getting the loft and lie changed on a couple of the irons as I already hit the ball very high and believe it or not that is not always the best thing to have. So if I do get the ball up in the air on a windy day with the wind into the face you can pretty much guarantee that i'm losing 20-30 yards on any given iron.


If this is your first experience looking to get into a set of irons from a direct to consumer golf company, I would hands down recommend dealing with Sub 70 Golf & Sub 70 Golf Canada, depending on which country you are in. If you have the chance to get into a shop and hit similar irons to get a feel at what set up might be right for you. They will not be 100% the same specs but you can narrow down what shafts will fit your swing as they have 100s of different builds you could get yourself set up with. Now if I am talking from a customer service point of view having dealt with both the USA & Canada sides of Sub 70 you will leave with the best feeling possible having nothing but good thoughts that you made the right choice, as a bonus you just saved yourself a good amount of money to go spend on more golf products.

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