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Golf should be a game of simple elegance where even an once or a quarter of an inch will be the difference in a made putt while out with your normal Saturday foursome, or having to buy the first round. We watch for hours on the couch hoping to emulate the sweet swings of Adam, drive the ball like Rory, putt like Ricky, or trash talk like Brooks. These small details and simple approaches are often missed by manufacturers when it comes to golf shoes.


Our most coveted courses embrace the simplicity that is the game and let the details reach out and grab your attention. Just look at the Rolex clocks around Pebble Beach, Winged Foot, St. Andrews, and others; they are simple, clean, and asking patrons to look closer for the details. This has most of us asking: why not bring this simplicity to golf shoes? That is exactly why a PGA Pro, his brother, and a group of committed and out of the box thinkers, got together in the rainy state of Washington. They saw a need in a market that lacked a shoe that could go from the course to dinner with ease while still being a golfer’s shoe at heart.


Ryan and Jason Moore started TRUE Linkswear in 2009 with a simple goal of producing a product that was comfortable, not overbuilt, light, while being able to be worn in all seasons. With them starting the company in Seattle, they must be able to be waterproof 6 months out of the year and breathe the other six months. Most of their offers stay true to this by having a two-year waterproof guarantee. Their TRUE ECO Knit might not be waterproof, but it is one of the lightest (if not the lightest) on the market at 7.4 ounces of sustainable, breathable comfort that can easily go from the course to happy hour.


As some of us swing harder than others, and definitely lack the control of Ryan’s slow and steady backswing, we worry about how we are connected to the ground. The first time looking at their spike-less designs in person, you might be skeptical on how you will feel going after one while trying to clear a tree on #4 to give yourself a shot at birdie. But there is no need. Once these meet the grass, you are stable with enough play for the knees but still confident enough to win that dollar long drive. TRUE prides themselves on having some of the thinnest soles available on the market. This might take some time to get used to, but it makes sense because we cant exactly play barefoot and stick to the dress codes.


Just like the clocks, we strive for simplicity and a certain sophistication to our game. TRUE has options for those of us that want to go from the course to a dinner date without the need to change shoes. They have several different styles and colorways with full grain leather uppers that do not need the break in time that most every other waterproof leather shoe requires to not have blisters or pinch points. Every line that they offer has what they call the natural width toe box, this combined with the 30-day trial, every golfer should give these a chance.


When Mark Twain wrote “Golf is a good walk spoiled” we know he didn’t have the chance to wear TRUE’s and follow their mantra of “Enjoy the Walk.” He might have thought about the game a little differently if he would have had the chance to connect with the surroundings and if he had the chance. Given TRUE’s commitment to providing craft golf shoes, that they stand behind and wear, we here at Golf Kicks Canada want you to take a look at their website, see what you like, and take it to the course and give them a try.


Written by:

Scott C. Haynes

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