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The PUMA IGNITE PWRADAPT CAGED golf shoe is one of those types of shoes that HAS TO BE on your must try list. Having worn very few Puma shoes in general, my mind was blow away from the comfort level instantaneously. As per Puma this shoe has been “ anatomically designed to provide outstanding comfort and a perfect, tailored fit.” Lets take a look at the positives and negatives of this shoe in further details.



The second you take these shoes out of the box, you should be instantly impressed by the solid looking structure, multi-material features including a signature from Puma, their performance flat knit mesh that encompasses a majority of the upper. Another ecstatically pleasing part of the shoe is the PWRCAGE saddle that surrounds the upper and side part of the foot, that makes it both functional and fashionable. This is one of those types of shoes that you want every colour-way that is available, whether it’s the sole whose colour contrasts the boot or the red of the spikes. Every last part of this shoe is pleasing to the eyes. This shoe has earned one of the highest ratings at a 8.9/10 in the looks department.


One of the first things you will hear about any PUMA golf shoe (puma will even suggest it on their website) "Fits slightly long, consider going down 1/2 size". Truly one of the only real downsides of this particular model. If you are a fan of the classic tongue that you can adjust the lacing system to easily slide your foot into than this shoe might not be the right one for you. With the PWRCAGE saddle the top of your foot is essentially locked in place with the lacing system tightening around and providing even distribution of pressure, also giving you the adjustability of tightening as you see fit. Some other key pieces of technology that PUMA has placed in this shoe is their full- length IGNITE foam, teaming that up with another signature technology PWRADAPT that encompasses 3 dimensional traction. A negative that you might take away from this shoe that I found to be tolerable is that you can feel the ground with your big toe more than any other part of the shoe, while as i said it was tolerable its potentially something for PUMA to look at going forward to improve an already impressive model. The finally rating that this shoe has earned is at 9.3/10.


Rain or shine the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT CAGED is the correct shoe for any golfer out there that is looking for a well manufactured and a hybrid of both a spiked & spike-less shoe. With their TORNADO CLEATS & GripZone Traction you have zero chance of slipping, playing in the bunker is a breeze as the cleating systems let you get dig right in and give a stable footing. Puma also offers a 1 year waterproof warranty and luckily I got to test this out in the rain as well and even with the mesh top to the foot my feet did not get wet or damp at all so it passes the waterproof test in my books, im not saying go and jump in a puddle and you will have no worries but golfing in the rain will not be an issue both dryness and grip have passed with flying colours. All in all a great shoe that I would gladly recommend if your looking for something to perform and provide a stable footing. This shoe has earned a 9.2/10.

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