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Payntr X 001 F Golf Shoe Review

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

By now you may or may not have heard of the Payntr X 001 F golf shoe. Here is a little back story of the brand itself. The creator David Payntr, who at one point was a professional Cricket player, that had a respectful career. David partnered with Mike Forsey, who has 30 years experience in golf footwear product creation. Mike has developed footwear ranges for brands FootJoy, Reebok Golf, Nike Golf, and Under Armour. Including signature models for Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Spieth. Originally Payntr launched a line of cricket shoes that have become very popular in the sport and needing similar traction in the game of golf they made their way over and in turn have effectively improved the golf shoe game.


At first glance at these shoes I was pleasantly surprised, simply because they were not similar to any one type of shoe, the X 001 F in my opinion is a combination of a few different golf shoes, taking the best from a few different brands. The material look of what Under Armour has to offer, the X along the side of the boot is very similar to a FootJoy design add in some subtle looks those similar to what Ecco has to offer, this shoe is a completely promising design all on its own. Available in three different colour-ways, white, black and grey. From the tongue of the shoe to the base this shoe has extreme promise but will it hold up over time? I think it will no proble.


Coming from the point of view of a traditionalist when it comes to preferring playing a spiked golf shoe over a spike less golf shoe simply due to to environment I get to play in. The importance of being able to have your feet grip into the ground and give you that traction you need is important. This spike less shoe has a very intriguing spike less system, along with a interesting for of technology in the form of a graphite power plate right where the arches of your feet are and is designed to help with launch in your movement of your feet coming off the ground. You see it more often now on the PGA tour with players such as Byson absolutely tearing up the ground and essentially depending on their footwear to help out in their swing. This plate confirms that idea and helps with balance and traction. Add in the articulated TPU outsole along with the PMX Foam midsole delivering comfort that in my opinion makes it a TOP 5 SHOE OF THE YEAR.


When it comes to purchasing a new shoe of any sort, you should consider a few things. Have you worn that particular brand, how did they hold up over time, were they worth the price? Now with these shoes coming in at the price of $208.63 CAD (that being $164.94 USD) that might too much for a person to pay, especially for a brand they have never heard of potentially and it being their first venture into the golf shoe game. I suspect most would most likely lean towards a brand they recognize.If you were willing to take the chance and invest that amount of money into your golf shoes...you would be happy with the return on investment with this particular shoe.

Closing thoughts on the first edition of the Payntr X 001 F golf shoe, should you chose to try them out you will not be disappointed if you wanted to try a brand that is trying something new and bringing change to the typical golf shoe. Comfort, and visually appealing and secure traction is what these shoes will give you.

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