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Jordan Jeske, Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Golfer.

Community leader is a designation, often by secondary sources (particularly in the media), for a person widely perceived to represent a community. A simple way to understand community leadership is to see it as leadership in, for and by the community. Jordan Jeske is the definition of a man who leads by example, preaches "Progress over Perfection", its hard to say what Jordan is up to on any given day. Whether he at the gym he owns, The Projct, The Projct Golf (fitness based), being a certified MyTPI instructor and even hosting events such as the yearly range party he puts on along with a golf tournament he organizes, in general growing the game of golf and fitness in our community.

Having personally knowing Jordan over the past couple of years, only seeing him a handful of times either at the Oil Country Championship as part of the PGA Tour Canada better known as The Mackenzie Tour or running into him at Golf Town. Jordan has made a personal impact on me on how I approach certain aspects of my life, I'm sure if you give this article a read some of the things he has to say will impact you in some way, shape or form.

Being an Edmonton boy, what does it mean to be such an intergral part of the fitness community in our city?

It means a lot. I was a journeyman carpenter for almost 10 years before I decided to make the change into the fitness industry. I've had a lot of help and support along the way and I also had the mindset of “If not me than who and if not now than when”. I entered every interaction and every event I went to as an opportunity to meet as many people as I could and foster those relationships as I have grown my brand. From there I just put in the work with no expectation of praise, just being the best I could be.

How did The Projct get started?

The PROJCT started out of necessity. The previous gym I worked at suddenly closed down and forced me to make a decision. Go work for someone else or start my own place and be in control of my future. I found a 1500 sq ft space to lease out with minimal equipment. I wasn't focused on being the biggest or fanciest gym, just make sure we made everyone feel comfortable and included. That has driven our community to what it is today.

How did golf become part of your life?

I didn't start playing golf until my early 20s. It started as just playing on Sunday afternoons with the boys. As I got better I wanted to play more and vice versa. After playing competitive team sports most of my life, I found my passion in competing with myself on the golf course. Its become an addiction. I got into golf performance because of a conference I was at. There was a lecture on Golf Fitness and the rest is history.

How has becoming a MyTPI Certified instructor done for your career?

Becoming part of the TPI family and specializing in golf performance has changed my life. I have traveled a lot for seminars and have met some amazing people and created some great relationships over the years around the world. Deciding to specialize in golf opened a whole new world to me and it has been awesome to get to know and help grow the golf industry here in Edmonton and continue to collaborate with others to get more people playing this amazing game.

You are a community leader, tell us what that means to you?

It means a lot but wasn't done on purpose. I have always held myself to a high standard. As I have grown my brand and the business my main focus has been to provide the best experience I can to everyone I interact with. Whether its at the studio or event we put on. Viewing business as collaboration over competition has helped me connect with so many amazing brands and find ways to support them just like I would want to be supported. If I can find ways to give back at the same time then I am all for it.

Any other business ventures that you can tell us about?

There is always things on the go, but The PROJCT is my full time job. We have grown a lot over the last couple years and have more exciting things planned. Ever since I started specializing in golf and being more involved, I noticed a need for the game to be more inclusive and find ways to get non golfers or those that weren't too involved in the game to be more comfortable on the course. I created The Golf Society which is an experiential company focused on providing opportunities for everyone to enjoy the game on and off the course. Our signature event is our Canada Day Range Party where we bring in furniture, a DJ, food, drinks and more to the range and just have a good time. We are trying to provide that Top Golf experience but in our own way. We then have our annual Charity Golf Tournament and our Chubbs Championship Mini Golf Tournament.

Being a small business owner, during Covid19 you like many other business owners when through some hard times, how did you get through it both personally and professionally?

Yeah it hasn't been easy and still isn't. You get through it with the support of family and friends. I'm big on talking things out so being able to open up with how things are going is super important. We also have an amazing community at the studio. Their support has been huge! We had to adapt and think of creative ways to engage and connect with our clients and I think we have done a great job doing that.

Just keep fighting for what you believe in. If I wasn't passionate about what I do, I'm not sure I could have made it. Beyond that, ask for help if you need it. No one wants to do it alone and there are people out there that are willing to help and want to see you succeed.

What advice could you provide to others, such as myself who has seen some dark days due to the mental fatigue that Covid19 has caused many?

Those dark days aren't easy. Last year was a tough one and brought up a lot of things for me that I was ignoring or just distracting myself from. When we were forced to shut down and not be so “busy” I got hit hard and found my breaking point. My biggest advice and I'm sure we have heard it before but is talk it out. Being able to open up with family and friends was huge. I then had to do a self inventory of the different aspects of my life and ask myself if I was in the red or the black. A lot of times when I am stressed out I find myself out of balance and there is something in my life that I am lacking. Create a list of things that fill you up and are important to you. Make sure they are in the black every month.

What does the future look like?

Honestly right now I'm just focused on the business and dialing in our systems. Its hard to plan ahead these days with everything going on so making sure the ship is running smoothly is number 1. From there I will take a look at some of the ideas I have and see if we can make them work.

What keeps you grounded? Who have you surrounded yourself with professionally?

My family definitely keeps me grounded. I have a few friends and other business owners that keep me in check as well which is super important. I call them my board of directors. We check in with each other and make sure all is well. Its nice when you have people that you can relate to not just personally but professionally as well.

Now that you have learned about Jordan or already knew him, we hope that this gives you more insight into the person who is responsible for improving not only your overall golf fitness, but fitness in general and lifestyles.

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