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Have you been on the lookout for a golf apparel & accessories company that provides what they claim is top quality product at an affordable price? Look no further as Flyte Golf has made it their goal to get you into the clothing and other accessories such as hats, gloves, and golf balls. I spoke to their founder Michael Ambar to get a little more insight into the brand. They are also proudly Canadian.


How did you come up the idea to create an affordable clothing & accessories line?

The idea for Flyte Golf was more than just an affordable clothing brand, it's the idea that golf in general needs to be less expensive. But this idea isn't something brand new, golf is known for being too expensive and exclusive. I saw this more than ever with a lot of my friends (21-25-year-old range) starting to pick up the sport. If a person decides to start golfing they go to one place for clothing in Canada… Golf Town. I have multiple friends who spent $300 just to get 5 items (polo, shorts, a box of balls, and 2 gloves). The fact that the average polo was listed for 96.50 during Golf Town’s “blowout sale” this season sickened me. The buildup of these outrageous prices led to the inception of Flyte Golf. The most important thing for the sport moving forward is the price, if golf can become more affordable more people can start loving the game. There is no reason why quality and style should ever take a hit because of the price. It’s simple, the best quality products, extremely affordable prices, and unique designs, these are the 3 pillars that Flyte Golf is founded on and I believe they are necessary to grow the game amongst young golfers.


Do you have a background in the golf industry?

My background in the golf business is fairly limited. I founded a small golf league for university students in London Ontario and built it for 2 seasons. St George Golf League was an attempt to make golf more competitive and enjoyable for university students. The 60 players were organized into teams and we held 7 events in the span of 6 weeks! The league was really about getting out on the course with your buddies and being able to compete in a fun and inclusive atmosphere of new golfers. I see the game and industry almost as a community, all of whom share the same passion and love for the game.


Who do you see your customer being?

Anyone and everyone! Flyte Golf is meant to capture every golfer in the industry. Our combination of quality and style means that every golfer will be happy with our products, regardless of the incredible savings that they are getting. We are also working diligently on our women’s line, and children’s line to make sure every golfer can become a part of the Flyte Family.


What is going to set you apart from other brands?

We have lowered our margins significantly. No, I’m not saying we do not make money but I’m saying we have reduced our price so significantly that on some of our orders, and for some of our items, breaking even is the benchmark. I’m a 24-year-old university student who loves playing golf. If Flyte can spark any sense of change in the industry or create some traction and grow the game for everyone, that is the ultimate goal!


Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

My vision is pretty clear cut, I see Flyte Golf as a tycoon in the golf industry. I know everyone says that and I know it's optimistic but we are stumbling on something great here, and I do believe that. If the game doesn’t change it will die plain and simple. I think Flyte Golf is just one step in the long journey to change golf. Quality, Style, Price, these make up the apparel side of gold but even more, they make golf tick, and I think Flyte is at the forefront of each category. I spoke with an industry leader last week we discussed the outlook on membership growth rates and the game. I bluntly said if you aren’t growing the game among young and middle-aged golfers there won’t be a game left to grow. With the continuous development, sale, and rezoning of golf properties, it’s only a matter of time before the baby boomer generation dies out and the game of golf dies with them.


In closing this article, Im not going to tell you who you need to shop with, if you have a brand you support that's great. If by chance you are looking to support a brand that is doing things to save you money and keep you looking good on and off the course then you should at the least give Flyte Golf a chance.

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