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This may come as a shock to some but this is the first ever Cobra Golf driver I have personally ever hit, played or gamed. Frankly to be honest until 2017 I had no interest in even picking one off the shelf from my local golf shop. Do I think i was missing out over the last 4 years? Only once the F8 driver game out with the first ever carbon fiber crown and of course the CNC milled facing I finally came around to actually wanting a Cobra golf club in the bag. Now 4 years later I have finally had my first experience hitting the Cobra RADSPEED driver, the only thing I could think was "have I been missing out on performance over the last few years?"


With almost every manufacturer putting their own spin on the looks and design of the carbon fibre crowns on drivers, fairway metals and hybrids these days few stand out on their own. The Cobra RADSPEED is one of those clubs From the matte finish and slow/smooth transition of carbon fiber displayed on the top of their club heads is pure class and subtle which from a personal perspective I don't want to be distracted from glare from the reflection of the sun bouncing off the top. Now once you get passed looking at the simplistic, traditional shaped crown you get to the face of the club which in all honesty has to be the prettiest club face made to date. This is now the 4th generation of a CNC milled face on the Cobra line up of clubs, with the INFINITY FACE that now wraps around the crown of the club and adds in my opinion performance and protection from miss hits that might other wise chip, scratch and potentially damaging the crown affecting performance. While some golfers out there might think that this club has too much going on (which I can understand) this club has a good combination of a classic shape of the crown with a modern take on design and a CNC milled face that is sets itself apart from others in the golfing industry. Overall looks wise I would consider this a top 3 in the 2021 product line up.


Shown up above this section is the selection that Cobra provides you at no extra charge to the user, so in most cases there should be no issue finding the correct shaft specs for your build. Along with having six shafts options from True Temper and Fujikura Golf Cobra also offers the RADSPEED driver in three different head "styles" aimed at three golfer handicap groupings.

RADSPEED- Traditional 460cc head with "forward biased "weighting to promote fast ball speed and low spin, 0-15 handicap

RADSPEED XB- The XB (XTREME Back) with a back biased weighting system to promote a forgiving ball flight and low spin, 5-15 handicap

RADSPEED XD- The XD (XTREME Draw) this head overs a heal biased weighting system to help promote straight ball flight and maximum "slice-fighting" power, 5-25 handicap


For my build I picked up the RADSPEED with the forward biased weighting system so that it gives me the option to lower the ball flight should I need it. In general even though it has been short sample size this club has surpassed my expectations, in particular with the miss hits as as a 10 handicap golfer by no means do I have a perfect swing. My biggest miss on the clubhead tends to by the toe or center toe, you do notice not only in feel but also in the sound of the ball during impact you get automatic feedback that it was not hit in the center of the face. With all of this being said I have seen minimal punishment than other driver performances. Averaging distance off the tee is 262 yards, head is set to 9 degrees with a swing speed averaging 106 mph. If you are happy with the performance of your current set up do not change, If you are looking for forgiveness, noticeable performance advantage then I would suggest you give one of the 3 club heads that Cobra has to offer (as do most manufactures do as well).

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