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Bridgestone Tour B XS review

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

This ball became popular after commercials hit the airwaves with Tiger Woods and Bryson Dechambeau starring in them. Bridgestone continues to be a tough competitor on the golf ball market. With many different golf ball options, premium golf ball fitting and having big stars like Tiger and Bryson playing them on tour. I have never really played many Bridgestone golf balls but wow did it impress me in every facet of the golf game.


The Bridgestone B XS is a typical looking Bridgestone golf ball. The features include the companies patented dimple pattern, the Bridgestone B logo and a small simple alignment line. The sleeves make it look like you are buying a performance ball. On the looks scale I will give it an 8.7/10.


The Playability with the golf ball is short of amazing. I have used for over 10 rounds now and every round it continues to amaze me with what this ball can do. I felt like it really launched off the driver face. It felt like I could control the ball flight and I didn’t hit a hard cut like I usually do as it was going straighter. Around the greens is crazy! Maximum spin around the green for those 100 yard and in shots along with those delicate close to the green chips. While putting it felt so soft coming off the putter face. The other big feature I found with the B XS is that it is super durable. No marking or cuts on it even after playing the same ball for 2-3 rounds. I find durability is a very important feature of a golf ball. This is going to feel like a high score but I’m giving 9.6/10 on the playability chart.



The Bridgestone B XS provides an excellent feel leaving your club face. It feels exceptionally soft but not soft enough to get distance with your driver. This ball is designed for higher swing speeds (105 mph plus). It’s hard to judge a golf ball on comfort but I’ll give it a 9.0/10.


Curtis Schaan

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