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Black Quail Apparel

Whether it be a mainstream company, high end brand, or little known golf apparel company, I have worn it, or am in the process of wearing it. With so many companies to choose, I found myself in a dilemma. Companies like Adidas, Nike, and Puma dominate the shelves in Golf Galaxies and Dick’s Sporting Goods. It isn’t very hard to sell them when the likes of Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, or Rickie Fowler headline the brands. Easy access, lower price points, and major Tour presence makes them an easy credit card swipe for any golfer. In exploring the world of golf apparel, I’m not going to be a “best ever,” or “omg I love these” type of reviewer. Every brand has their issues. No one is perfect. We’ll be real about price, comfort, quality, and style. Let’s hit it.

Many of you have probably seen Abraham Ancer or CT Pan swing them on Tour with the best of the best. I for one thing think Ancer is one of the best dressed on Tour, but who does he wear? Black Quail Apparel was founded in 2017 and their pitch is “Premium. Performance. Playability. Cutting edge products that bring lifestyle and sport together.” Do they live up to that?


I put my first Black Quail Apparel polo in to play earlier this season. I was immediately attracted to their Camo Ghost line online, so I had to get it. Priced between 85 and 95 USD or 110 to 120 CAD, the polos are pricier than the Big Brands, but a very fair point of entry into luxe golfwear. I think it’s a fair ask for the average weekend golfer, something that is easily giftable. For those looking to try them out, they aren’t going to break the bank, and can be limited to a polo or two.

Score it: 7/10



This polo is extremely stretchy. I mean knock it out of the park stretch. The fabric, a 92/8 split between Polyester and Spandex, creates a polo that is extremely wearable and moves with you. I would workout in this polo. A big ask for me, is do I feel the polo in the golf swing? The answer to that question is no. The last thing you need at the top of the backswing is the feeling of a polo tugging, or rubbing the wrong way. Although they list the fit as regular, would place the polo among the athletic, slim fit crowd. It is meant to hug, and form, creating a striking silhouette. Safe to say Black Quail offers exceptional comfort in that regard.

Score it: 9/10



The polyester/spandex blend creates a wrinkle-free product, and the collar has remained true after a couple of washes. The stitch work is well done, and I like the raised embossed logo on the back. Will it stay or fall off as some rubber logos do? Time will tell. The fabric also is UPF30 which to me is a lifesaver. The sun is no joke, and any added protection is a plus. They also tag the product as sweat-wicking. I can’t really tell the difference if the polo is or not, but the polo was breezy and extremely light. Another plus during the hot summer mid day games. These are qualities that should be par for the course when you enter the realm of luxury golf apparel and something we will keep an eye on in our future reviews. Overall quality seems to live up to its lux branding.

Score it: 8/10




I was very disappointed with the Camo pattern on the polo. As you can see from the photo, it is extremely faint and hard to see, and to the passers by, it appears to be a plain white polo. Black Quail offers a black and navy polo of same style which look much more pronounced on instagram and online, but I have yet to see in person. Although there is always room for a white polo in any golfers wardrobe, paying for a camouflage one and receiving a sort of Camo like is little frustrating.

I would pair this polo a pair of grey or blue pants or shorts, and the muted style works well. Although big prints are very much in style, crisp and clean looks will never go away. All in all

the polo is a stylish, if not super fascinating addition to the wardrobe.

SCORE IT: 6/10

As this is my first review, we at Oncoursestyle are still figuring it out. I don’t hate a 40 point system, so we’ll try it for now. Black Quail is a terrific up and comer on the golf apparel scene. Four years is a short period of time to make an impact. Whether you are out hacking it with your friends on the weekend, a four man scramble savant, or an amateur shark, I think Black Quail is a great entry point in to the world of lux golf apparel. The comfort of the polo alone, makes up for any drawbacks it has. Although they aren’t my first choice front he closet, there are enough prints, stripes, and solids in their inventory that there is truly something for everyone. There are also some fantastic new prints releasing this week; see Black Quail’s Instagram for the drop and time.

All in the polo scored: 30/40

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