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Ask yourself this question. Have you ever gone from "birdie to bogey"? This is the one case in time where we would say, yes. If you cant tell by now we are talking about the one and only golf apparel /lifestyle company Birdie2Bogey, and boy are these guys onto something. There seems to be a trend going on in the golfing world right now where golfers are getting sick of paying upwards of $80-100 for a brand new shirt or a pair of golf pants. I know I can agree with that mindset. Golf as a sport is not getting any cheaper, equipment costs are going through the roof. Lets face it not every golfer can afford the new Nike or Adidas golf clothing that gets dropped a few times a year. But what we can all afford to do is still look good on the golf course and pay a reasonable amount for some good quality clothes. Here is where Birdie2Bogey along with many other small Canadian companies come into the fold. Lets talk to Brandon Sparks who is a founder of this brand and understand why they are taking a chance and becoming entrepreneurs.

The most important question that I like to lead off with when talking about a companies branding / how it came to be is..

What does Birdie2Bogey mean to you?

"Birdie2Bogey means exactly how it sounds. Hitting the ball pure AF on that par 3, dancing it on the green, now a slick 4 foot putt for bird, cruise your putt by the hole by 2 feet...easy on for par. Lip out on your par putt, try not snapping that putter over your knee. Go tap in your bogey and get off the green as fast as you can. Green in regulation, 3 putt. Birdie2Bogey, welcome to the club." This is how Brandon explained what this brand means. I think we can all identify with this situation, some more than others.

How did it all being?

"Literally on the course. It was the 12th whole on a course in Kelowna when the idea came to me. Being frustrated with the high cost of apparel, paired with my love for the game and wanting to get involved in some way. I knew my niche would be giving back to the game by means of offering more edgy stylish golf clothing at a much more affordable price and not the standard stuff you always see at the big box stores. We want to be comfy out there, so why cant we?"

Another question that we are asking every brand that we get to talk to right now is sourcing materials during the world wide pandemic that is Covid19.

How has Covid19 affected sounding material, along with normally sourcing regardless of the pandemic, trial and error?

"I wouldn’t so much say troubles, but trial and error for sure. Learning really. Takes time to find quality materials, but I knew that would be the case going into it. I went through several suppliers and fabrics to get to where we are today."

What sets you apart from other brands?

"Our brand and apparel has been curated from many ideas and opinions. Really built for you-by you. We are consistently listening and actively engaging with our people to hear what is missing or what can be done better. We want people to feel like they are part of building this brand. We love the feedback both good and bad, it really helps shape the direction we move in."

What does being a small business in Canada mean to you?

"Proud – It's an amazing feeling when you craft something for people and they like it, especially in your own city and country. Walking down the street and seeing someone wearing your clothing that you don’t know- that’s a feeling you can’t explain…"

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

“Doing the same thing we are doing now! Pumping out quality gear, staying stylish, edgy, and comfortable- and hopefully golfing as many days in a week as humanly possible.“

Why should the consumer think about supporting your brand?

I think it really comes down to community. We can really relate to the majority of golfers and I think there is a fun exciting feeling behind that. If someone enjoys the game but isn’t snapping the club over their knee when they hook it in the bushes- we are here for you… because you probably found our ball in there when you went to find yours.“

Plans for the 2021 golf season, what should we expect to see?

"You're just going to have and wait and see come April wont ya...hint. Golf is not just for the fellas."

In closing....it is really great to see another Canadian golf brand making a case for itself in the golfing world. We all want to pay less and get more out of things, is clothing a way into that? Maybe it will force the larger brands to take a look at themselves and think about the people who are buying their products day in and day out because of a logo. Birdie2Bogey is on the right track to becoming a successful brand in this industry and you can help them out by buying that polo you need, or those pair of joggers you been eyeing up, maybe even a hat or two.

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