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Adidas AdiCross PPF Spikeless Golf Shoe Review

The Adidas AdiCross PPF Spike-less Golf Shoe, street meets the course. Released in 2019 marketed as a shoe that as Adidas calls " A casual look for wet-weather rounds.". The construction of this shoe features a water-repellent construction built with leather and a mixed-material upper, that helps deliver the stability you need for every swing (or so they say). A flexible mid-sole cushion and a lightweight sock-liner allows that extra comfort you need. Along side the spike-less out-sole provides flexibility around the greens.




Just like we stated above in the opening description of this shoe, it is a very casual looking shoe for the golf course. When this Adidas AdiCross PPF shoe was launched it came out in two different color ways, Cloud White/ Gum / Cloud White (as seen in the image above) and Core Black/ Night Metallic / Cloud White. In our opinion if we had to chose between a black shoe and a white shoe, the white shoe would come out on top 9 times out of 10. What you might not notice right way when you look at this shoe is the inside heel of the shoe is actually a really soft and comfortable leather. The all white color way along with the "gum" color looks super classic and a timeless look, with its detailed stitching and pattern. Overall as far as looks go it doesn't look anymore clean than this shoe. We give this shoe an 8.8/10 as a final grade in looks.




If you were to look up the definition of the word COMFORT you will get this " a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint." Simply put if you fit yourself with the correct sizing (which ADIDAS has nailed) you should be in a complete state of physical ease and freedom from pain in the ADICROSS PPF SHOES. This shoes includes a sock lining which has become an increasing trend in shoes the last few years and it should stay around for a long time, no more messing around the tongue and having to adjust it. If you do decide to give these shoes a try the flexibility will be there, no pinching and if you have a wider foot you really shouldn't have any issues at all with that as well. The only issue we have with this shoe is the limited arch support, which might be more important to some. Comfort will be the least of your worries with this shoe, we give this a score of 9.1/10 on our grading scale.




There will always be a debate on what shoe is best spike vs. spike-less, while we do think there is a time and place for both types of shoes....wet weather conditions are not the ideal place to be wearing a spike-less shoe. Adidas has put in place their Puremotion spike-less out-sole with 169 strategically placed lugs. When we got to test these out it was early in the morning so there a little bit of dew on the grass, we only had one incident with not having proper traction when taking a swing and the back foot inevitably slipped out from behind. Now this can happen with a spiked shoe as well, although it does not happen often. With that being said there was a thought in the back of my mind the rest of the round "Will it happen again on this swing?" Thankfully that did not happen but it is a bit of a mental loss having to have that thought on your mind the rest of your round. Play-ability around the greens having to kneel down to read putts you can fell the break in the greens on the base of your foot and could potentially help you out in your short game. If you want the best performance out of this shoe play put them in play on a nice dry sunny day, we give this shoe a 7.7/10 for a final grade.

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